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A Second Chance

A couple of years ago this little girl wondered in to our lives…

She was tiny and limped in to our home from the snow looking for help. After our initial surprise to see her, we quickly recognised the poor state of her health; her shabby double coat barely disguised the settlement of ticks that spread over her tiny malnourished body and her ears were burning from a nasty fever. Honestly, my first impression was not a good one as I thought about the fleas and diseases she could be carrying but she desperately needed help so we closed the windows and set up camp for her on one of the sofas.

Cat Protection generously collected her the next morning to check her health and search for an I.D. and although she was incredibly lucky not to have contracted any diseases, she was lost and alone. The vets believe she would not have lasted the night without our intervention so I am delighted that we did. She is the most beautiful, loving, personable and loyal cat I have ever met (surprisingly very much like a dog!). Today, she is a full of mischief and energy; we wouldn’t be without her.

What courage it must have taken for her to approach strangers for help. I am so glad we listened and helped give her a second chance and a new home.






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