Jayne Bradd - Graphic Designer | Alien: Isolation
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Alien: Isolation

As a fan of the Alien franchise I was excited to see the release of Alien: Isolation this weekend! Admittedly I was a little hesitant after the failure of Alien Colonial Marines last year, but I pretended that never happened, watched the first movie to set the tone, turned the lights out, and picked up the controls for an alien encounter… what an experience!

Alien: Isolation successfully captures Ridley Scott’s vision, incorporating everything from the old D.O.S. computers, to the smoky corridors and even the design of the space station. What I love about this game though, is how it places users in to a realistic scenario where super-humans and ostentatious weaponry do not exist. Instead, you must navigate the ship as an ordinary person with the knowledge that the alien could literally be anywhere! This design really engages the user with the game. The sound department have also done a fantastic job in tormenting your senses while moving shadows force you to approach every step with caution.

When you see the alien, your heart literally stops as you hold your breath in hope that it doesn’t see you. Never have I been so stressed playing a game! I must applaud the developers for producing a terrifying but realistic human experience.

Thank god the xenomorphs only exist from the imagination of H. R. Giger!

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