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Author:Jayne Bradd

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My First Dog & Samoyed Owner Experience

  [gallery ids="22920,22921,22926,22922,22928,22923,22924,22925,22927,22919"] So, after a huge amount of research in to what dog we should welcome to the family, we narrowed down our selection to either a i) German Shepherd ii) Samoyed or iii) Rescue and as it happened, we had the opportunity to meet a litter...

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Finding a Companion Dog

I want to pass on some of the important aspects I learnt from my research on the chance that my encyclopedia of 'dog' information can help someone embarking on the daunting path of selecting a dog....

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A magical, alternative bachelorette party!

[gallery ids="22865,22863,22866,22867,22864,22862"] When thinking of a bachelorette party, pink sashes, willy-straws and booze-fuelled dramas come to mind and we ludicrously spend £200 on average for this privilege. Like many, I felt compelled to plan a magical weekend away without great expense. I won't lie...

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Christmas Pinnekjøtt

Pinnekjøtt (a.k.a. 'Stick Meat') is a traditional Norwegian Christmas meal of lamb ribs that are salted and dried before being slowly steamed over birch sticks. The lamb is deliciously rich and impossible to find in the UK...

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Walking Dead: Season 5

Intelligent writing, beautiful cinematography, fantastic prosthetic make-up and strong character development. It is difficult not to become addicted to the show...


Alien: Isolation

Never have I been so stressed playing a game! I must applaud the developers for producing a terrifying but realistic human experience....