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Game of Pain

For slightly different birthday party, I organised a game of airsoft. Now, for those of you who don’t know what this is… let me tell you now that this is not for the faint hearted.

UCAP have an amazing venue that is an authentic, underground WWII bunker! This is quite a special venue that was built as a bombproof, underground headquarters beneath Fort Southwick in Portsmouth. The bunker has encountered few changes to preserve the original design which is quite chilling and therefore the perfect setting for a close quarters combat game of airsoft.

Armed with a realistic, semi-automatic AK-47 machine gun that fires plastic pellets… this game is about tactics and teamwork as those things bruise and draw blood!! By the end I had bullseye bruising down my legs and cuts on my knuckles. The pain doesn’t half make you play properly (unlike paintball). The scariest part of this game was listening to gunshots in the distance. They sound real, and in this venue, you can image how terrifying it would have been to be a soldier during WWII. Confidence and the ability to hide go a long way to minimising risk…

Brilliantly we also purchased a few flashbangs (non lethal explosives)  which cause a great deal of panic to frighten people out of their hiding places, but mainly these proved invaluable during an ambush where we let off all the grenades and fired back to back with pellets going everywhere… Jack Bauer comes to mind?

What can I say. Play intelligently or take the pain…

Bunker photography by Subterranean History.

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