Jayne Bradd - Graphic Designer | Gears Of War Cake
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Gears Of War Cake

I am curious to know how many people commission novelty cakes…

After weeks of researching around the Surrey area, most of the cakes I found were overpriced and others I sadly felt I could bake better myself. It was purely by accident that I stumbled across Paul’s Creative Cakes. Although he is not particularly local, his cakes are artistically crafted with imagination and detail. It was also cheaper for me to collect the cake in person (only a 7-hour round trip), than to buy a cake of a similar standard locally!

I sent Paul a link of a lancer riffle (from Gears of War), and I was honestly shocked at the result. It was identical. Perfection. Even though this was a slightly gruesome request for a cake, Paul’s talent exceeded my expectations and he committed to the design as more than a job; this is a gift.

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