Jayne Bradd - Graphic Designer | Honey Branding
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Honey Branding

What is it that makes good honey branding?

Extensive research revealed that supermarket honey branding is something of a cliché using scribbled bees and traditional farmhouse designs. Although we (as consumers) like the traditional honey motifs, these designs lack originality and blend together on the shelves. This market therefore presents a great opportunity for designers to get creative !

Bees aren’t the only creatures associated with honey; the bear, possum, raccoon, skunk, jackal and honey badger’ are all known for eating honey and can be explored to produce fresh branding along with different bottle designs. Not to mention modern features, colours, typography and comedic details.

Knowing the audience, the product and its history helps with the development of intelligent design, but we must remember that the ultimate aim for honey branding is to attract attention, promote the company aims and make sales.

Be creative. Be original.

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