Jayne Bradd - Graphic Designer | Alternative Arts Venue
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Alternative Arts Venue


Re-brand a small arts venue focussed on 'alternative' arts.


Dia de los Muertos positively celebrates the resident ghost through skeletons which are iconic on the alternative scene, so by including 7 skulls, the illustration reflects a community/team spirit of intellectuals. As skeletons have negative connotations, the design uses intricate flowers, hearts and smiles to present a welcoming and sophisticated venue, while zentangle art promotes structure, expression and creativity that psychologically appeal to both genders.

To promote a vibrant atmosphere, the design features a guitar, keyboard, treble clef, trumpet and quavers with psychedelic colours to reject traditional expectations and encourage diversity, which the 'rock horn’ respects.

Naturally black meets the expectations of the ‘alternative’ scene but it further adds sophistication and allows colourful lighting and artists to stand out.


27th May 2020


Branding, Corporate identity, illustration, Packaging

alternative, D.O.T.D., day of the dead, Dia de los Muertos, flowers, guitar, hearts, keyboard, music, psychadelic, rock, rock horn, skeleton, skulls, trebble clef, trumpet, venue, zentangle