Jayne Bradd - Graphic Designer | Stonehenge
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The weather was grey and gloomy with a good chance of rain… it must be England! Nevertheless, I wrapped up warm, rejected the winter blues and seized the day with a trip to Stonehenge.

As I walked up to the monument, I was in awe. The sky opened up to reveal the most incredible scene that commanded respect. The grand stones cast shadows that illuminate the structure as the colours metamorphosize alongside the fading sun and you can’t help but question how and why Stonehenge exists.

There is great speculation surrounding the function of Stonehenge. Is it an ancient observatory or a ritualistic site for healing, burial or celebration? With 800 years of construction, demanding the extraordinary transportation of some 80 bluestones from Wales (weighing up to 3 tonnes a piece), Stonehenge has without a doubt been designed for a grand purpose.

Photography by JB Design.

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