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The Art of Flight

With pilots for parents it was inevitable that I would grow up as a confident flyer from attacking clouds in a Katana with my dad and flying around air shows with my mum in a DC3, so naturally it seemed absurd to me that people could actually have a fear of flying…

Only over the last few years however, have I understood that this fear is really fuelled by a bad pilot or lack of understanding for aviation; turbulence, funky weather conditions and air traffic are all real but ordinary contributors when flying but what is important, is to know that your pilot is safety-conscious, knows their limitations and is passionate about the physics of flying so that they are completely unfazed and ultimately intrigued by irregularities.

Today I can fully appreciate how fortunate I have been to have diligent parents but even more so, I am fascinated at how unaffected my father is during aerobatics! Flying gives him so much joy which makes each and every flight a real pleasure to be a part of and this I believe, is the mark of an outstanding pilot.

Check out more amazing video footage here here from 2012!

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